About Me


Photo by Thom Carroll.

It’s a pleasure to e-meet.

I’m a graduate from Temple University (Bachelor of Journalism) who’s been writing professionally since May 2011. Since raising my hand at the sixth grade career fair and emphatically declaring “I want to be a writer!” to a crowd of wide-eyed 11- and 12-year-olds, my life has been — and continues to be — about just that: writing. I live it; I breathe it; I sleep it. (Except when I don’t sleep, of course.) It is, quite simply, in my blood.

In my leisure time, I search Philadelphia’s neighborhoods for the best cup of coffee or manhattan (served up with extra bitters, please), or immerse myself in geek culture — anime, video games and all things “Game of Thrones.”

Publications I have contributed to include: PhillyVoice.com (as a staff writer), Region’s Business: Philadelphia Edition, Philadelphia magazine, Philadelphia magazine’s G Philly, Philadelphia City PaperThe Temple News and others. See the “Published Works” section for clips.

Currently seeking full-time employment.